Fall in Love with Life

Fall is my adored soul season. It is a time to look within, flash our brilliant colors, and let go of what no longer serves us. This last Fall (2019), I created a small collection inspired by the vibrant fall foliage and featured striking fire opals, ethically sourced from the Tamayo family in Mexico.

A STUNNING fire opal featuring a small embossed leaf and the words “fall in love with life” stamped onto the backside. The first piece that came to life in the collection.

Few things are sweeter than sitting in an aspen grove at the peak of Fall foliage.

Día de los muertos is one of the most mystical and divine holidays for me. A time to honor those before us. Death is a natural, beautiful part of the cycle of life. And just as flowers that die leave behind seed that will sprout to new life, so do those before us – passing on profound knowledge, wisdom, and sweet memories.

Cabin in the Mountains, reminding us to “do what sets our hearts ablaze.”

On a personal level, this is how I “fall in love with life”. Being in the vast desert of Utah, surrounded by red rocks, sunshine, and great company is how I reroot, refocus, and often find inspiration behind my creations.

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