Design your own personalized jewelry piece that is an expression of your lifestyle, passions, and personality.
FIVE EASY STEPS to transform your vision into wearable works of art.

Step 1: FIND A DESIGN in my portfolio that fancies your panties. Pay attention to icons, symbols, landscapes, silhouettes, etc. that you you would like to be incorporated. Also think of metals types (I mostly work with silver and copper), size and shape. Feel free to think outside of the box. I love a challenge!

Step 2: FIND A GEMSTONE that you like in my stone inventory. If you have questions regarding size, stone type, lapidary artist, or origins please contact me here. 

Step 3: ASK FOR AN ESTIMATE here & receive a quote and in 5 business days.

Step 4: REVIEW THE DESIGN specs which are sent with the quote and get stoked about your future treasure (feedback encouraged).

Step 5: Allocate 3-4 weeks for your jewelry piece to be delivered to your door.