Frontera Designs creates handmade silver jewelry that is inspired by nature’s borders, beauty, and peace. Reaching into the heart of the desert and extending into the depths of the mountains, all jewelry is made out of a 1965 Red Dale camper that has been retrofitted into being a tiny jewelry studio. Each handmade treasure is made with reverence to stones, precious metal, and land which these pieces are created.

Valley 20

My Journey in Finding Silversmithing

Hi, I am Chayse and I am the owner and chief silversmith of Frontera Designs. I began my metal-smithing journey when studying art and Spanish in central Mexico at a silver design school called Sterling Quest. After my time at Sterling Quest, I took the creative techniques that were incubated in school and continued to be inspired by artists and landscapes throughout my journey farther south. When in the southern state of Chiapas, in the small colonial town of San Cristobal de las Casas, Frontera was envisioned and manifested.

Valley 6“Frontera,” meaning borders or boundaries in Spanish, is significant to me because of my love for travel and exploration of the outdoors. I did not just envision Frontera to solely be a jewelry business, it is also a lifestyle (of art, wellness, travel, and culture) that I dedicated my life’s purpose to.

Currently local to Durango, Colorado I enjoy hiking and traveling to places which inspire nature scenes that can be captured into wearable works of art.  While my jewelry encompasses the essence of the dessert and depths of the mountains, I deeply enjoy exploring our wilderness – rivers, canyons, peaks, plains, animals, and sacred geometry – in search of the creative presence of the wild.

My art is available for retail at Create Art & Tea in Durango, Colorado, on her Etsy Store, and at various music and arts festivals.


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