Rugged, yet refined, the bolo tie is a statement piece rooted in Southwest history. While the exact origins of the bolo tie is uncertain, we do know that it emerged in the American Southwest (possibly from Zuni and/or Navajo artists) during the 1940’s & has served as an artistic medium for American Indian artists and Southwest silversmiths ever since.

Originally an accessory for Native Americans, cowboys, and New Mexican politicians, the bolo tie was created by and for male wearers. Now it is changing into something new. The bolo is becoming an empowerment piece, worn by people from all walks of life, while preserving its origins.

Some of the most attractive jewelry that men and women, but particularly men, wear in the Southwest is the bola tie, and due to their innumerable styles and designs, bola ties give to their wearers beautiful marks of distinction. – Bola Bill Kramer 

El Capitan in Yosemite National Park

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