Meet Studio Dale – a 1965 Red Dale Camper – meticulously designed to be an off grid metalsmithing studio. He is my creative vessel and my passion project.

Dale parked in Valley of the Gods, Utah

As a young artist trying to make it in this world, Dale gives me a sense of security to fall back on. He has ignited a sense of freedom, empowerment, and exploration into my creative process.

DALE – in Spanish means “GO FOR IT!!”

For all you dreamers out there, just go for it. Live the life you want to live, whether that be living in a skoolie full time, buying a home abroad, or building a bed in your truck bed. It may take some research, time, support from loved one, and moolah but DAMN ITS WORTH IT when you get there!

Dale is powered by a GOAL ZERO battery bank that is charged by the sun.

A huge thank you goes to my partner who has supported me every step of the way. To my parents for allowing a safe place to park it. And the friends (Patrick, Colleen, Ben, and Charlie) who helped me work through integral steps of the renovation.

A final thank you to all of you who have invested your hard earned money on one of my creations. May they bring a little love and intention into your days.

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