A love story between a silversmith and a vintage camper.

About two years ago I was sitting in the coziest cacao shop in San Cristobal de las Casas, as I would nearly every afternoon during the monsoon season. Since I had just finished taking metalsmithing classes at Sterling Quest weeks before, I would drink warm cacao, sketch jewelry designs, and dream of days where I would be able to melt metal again. I dreamed of what kind of jewelry I wanted to make, how I would sell it, who I would sell it to…I dreamed of making jewelry in the mountains, in the desert, and in my hometown on the bayou. I had no idea how I was going to do it but eventually I convinced myself that when I returned home to Durango, I would do everything in my power to pursue the art form that took my heart.

During one of my last days in San Cristobal, I decided I was going to call my new dream “Frontera”. I did not just envision Frontera to soley be a jewelry business, but also a promised lifestyle that combined art, wellness and adventure into a studio on wheels.

Since that one rainy afternoon in southern Mexico, I began manifesting! I joined the Four Corners Gem and Mineral Club in Durango and made FABULOUS friends with rock hounds, silversmiths, and artists. I fabricated and sold enough jewelry to save money to buy tools, equipment, silver, and stones. I began to sell at THE BEST tea store in Durango and I was supported by AWESOME family, friends, and online followers (who are now friends).

I made sacrifices. I fell. I cried. When I got scared, I remembered the healing flow that tinkering gifts me. When I felt like giving up, I would imagine myself in the mountains melting metal under the stars…..

Photo Jan 13, 12 28 14 PM

Well friends, I’m officially pursuing the dream! Back in January I was on my way to do a work visit (for my other passion–housing the homeless) and was struck with “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT”!

Everyone meet my new love – Dale, the 13.5’ long, 1965 Red Dale Camper. While he was previously retro fitted by his previous owner, I am going to give him one dazzling facelift and turn his 95 square feet into one functional a** silver-smithing studio! In this new blog I will document Dale’s progress, my findings, and eventually our travels together.

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